Alexx Arson

Apr 11

Pranked Norton with the rent money $400 in nickles, dimes, pennies, and quarters.

Apr 01

Pranked my roommates. April Fools!!!

Mar 30

The things I saw at the hotels I stayed in. The first pic is the aftermath of the after party.

Mar 30

Out in SF. I love how great the houses look.

Mar 18

She blessed my necklace. Beautiful.

Mar 17

Went to the Mexikan Aztec Festival in San Jose and saw very cool stuff like this Rooster and TP. Went out that night in Santa Cruz to celebrate st patricks day weekend.

Mar 11
In the backyard.

In the backyard.

Mar 07

March Madness?

So far I have been able to piss of some people at work I guess sitting around taking lengthy breaks tweeting in the employees and flirting with nurses and cnas would be a problem if it were true. Truth is I have been doing this job for a year so I’m on top of things so much so that I have extra time to kill. I sit in the break room and watch Judge Judy, Futurama, and South Park. I’m actually not flirting with the nurses and cnas because I’m not trying to date a coworker it could get complicated. In the meantime Watsonville is boring as hell its too slow and too quiet. Then theres a few racist Latinos here. I’ve been called the N-word twice since living here while walking down the street. People just yell it out of their cars. Then I’m too broke to go up to Santa Cruz every weekend because I get paid biweekly and I dont make much. I think I should move to LA. I’m not partying much, seeing much, or doing much. I started volunteering at a homeless shelter in Santa Cruz and it feels good to help people as much as I can. I do this every weekend now and I think I’m gonna love it. Later that day I was walking downtown through Santa Cruz and I saw a guy in front of a shop and hd gave me a flyer. Hes actually standing in front of a psychic reading shop and I always was curious about this so I said Fuck it lets try it out. I didnt say much to him during the reading I was being vague because I was skeptical but once he talked about work and home thats when I thought ok this is trippy. He told me that i may have my own way of doing things and that it could end bad for me if i keep it up; He saw that my home life was a bit rough but soon it will work out everything will come together. It was wild hearing some of this stuff. It was a fun experience for me to finally try something like that. I was supposed to work on some music with Cesar so I bought my bass with me, I waited on the bus stop and once I was on the bus and in Aptos I looked to my and I looked ti my right then I realized I forgot my fuckin bass. Oh well time for a new one. So Cesar and I decided to hit up the Mexikan Aztec festival in San Jose and it was beautiful seeing the Aztec dance in the park and the smell of sage all over the place. I had buy some and I bought a necklace that an old granny blessed for me. I really appreciated that. That night Cesar and I went bar hopping in Santa Cruz for St Patricks Day weekend santa cruz isn’t in love with the holiday so it wasnt a big turnout at the bars but I got drinks and had a blast with my new buddy Cesar. On St Patricks Day I decided to drink Jameson and watch The Boondock Saints. Norton is moving out to live with his girlfriend in July and MC told me he was thinking about moving to Fresno, Ca so he can live closer to his girl and here it is that moment where things change and I have to think about moving again. At this point I only lived in Watsonville for several months and now I may have to move. Now let me get this outta the way: I haven’t stayed settled in one place long enough to find a good girl. I work all the time so I dont get out as often. Back in Chico I was broke and homeless now I’m in Watsonville and I work so much that I dont have much of a social life. But I’m ok with that right now. In the meantime music is my girlfriend. After hearing everyone planning to move I started thinking about moving to LA. I can transfer with company to a nursing facility in LA so I’ll have a job there. I thought about the sunset strip and how fun it would be to have a band in LA. Even though I work a lot I’m also broke a lot. I get paid $8 an hour and I get paid biweekly so usually thats two checks a month. I pay $400 in rent, $55 for cell bill, and utilities vary month to month depending on how much we use pge. Of course I need groceries so I’m broke living paycheck to paycheck and let’s not forget I still have to pay JT back for unpaid rent for my last month there. I also didn’t finish paying the deposit in Norton’s house because I was trying to stay afloat. Since Norton didnt have a job he needed the deposit from me so he was on my back a little bit for that. MC and I went on a roadtrip to visit his friends in Petaluma, Pleasonton, and then San Francisco. We took the bus to pleasonton first and checked into a hotel. We had a room on the ground floor near the lobby so how were gonna smoke in the hotel room? MC and I grabbed some beers and headed to the pool where we found a not so discreet place to smoke 30 feet away from the pool. There was a family in the pool so we walked further away from the pool but we smoked two bowls and was laughing and joking around so much I’m sure that family hated us. A woman walked passed us and said “you guys aren’t being very discreet” and she laughed as she walked away. The next day we met up with Derrick who drove us Petaluma. I had a great time during the trip but I was just feeling different emotions. Happy to be in SF, thankful to have survived everything and still trying to stay afloat, sensitive because I my family are proud of me and I wish they could see me now, and a little annoyed with MC trying to boss everyone around. I didnt want to play the wait game with him. He wanted everyone to wait on him. Then when he was finally packed he’d be the first to say “let’s go”. After enough of that for the past couple days I just took a lonesome walk through SF. I didnt stray too far but I enjoyed walking around that beautiful city especially the hills. The San Francisco trip was a great trip but it showed me just how guarded I am. At this point in my life I’m not very trusting of others and I don’t have anyone here in my corner. But I’ll be okay.

Mar 01

It rained all day feb 27th and then it stopped after MC and I brainstormed on creative ideas and then 2 rainbows had appeared, the sun took a peek from behind these huge fluffy clouds. I think I’m on the right track.

Feb 19

The shit I see when I’m out and about.